Ty Myrddin

The House of Merlin is a space where people come together to gain new knowledge and wisdom, and have a good laugh.

Who we are

We are people with an ongoing identity crisis. We want to make new "distinctions" and "connections" and/or find new solutions to old problems or initial solutions to new problems and/or play around, and/or be critical. We break everything for that. For the rest we are "normal" and emotionally "stable". If you wish to learn more, contact us.

Things we seem to be good at

  • Kicking in open doors, and surfing the subsequent toes chaos when the door was closed (and barricaded)
  • Equality dancing
  • Reading books and code and puzzling with whatever looks like writing
  • Demystifying what seem to be hidden issues
  • Seeing (things) through (things) in interesting times

Wyrdly flying about

A collection of snippets, application boilerplates, pipelines, testing frameworks and tools for getting started in development projects by the Wyrd Sisters on BitBucket.

Learning machine learning

Security classes

A medley of security related research, attack trees, threat modelling, and python scripts for ethical hacking and mitigations in non-existent classes of the The Unseen University on Discworld, hosted on Github.

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