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Systems thinking is more than just a handy collection of tools and methods to explore complex systems with – it is also an underlying philosophy, an awareness of the role of structure in creating what we face, of powerful patterns operating on us, and of consequences of our actions.

Problem space(s)

Hierarchical structures tend to resemble pyramids, with the highest levels of power and authority at the very top and are known causes of loss of resilience and unequal socialisation. Is it that simple? Which problems can distribution and decentralisation solve? And which not?


Every citizen on this planet is subject to some sort of surveillance. And not just from governments, anyone with resources can perform communications surveillance. There is a huge (and growing) surveillance market. A panopticon with consequences.

About you

"What's the difference between a 24750 € Rolex and a 50 € Seiko watch? The Seiko is far more accurate." - If you are a small organisation or an individual working to protect freedoms and/or digital privacy, and are interested in our services, do contact us.

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A quiet revolution, experimenting with and raising awareness on regenerative initiatives and reforestation in the centre of Bretagne and the central plateau in New Zealand.


Drop on a hot plate

Colourful campaigns

For profit organisations use red teaming as an attack simulation designed to measure how well a company can withstand an attack from a real-life adversary.


Making music

Big brother

A new genus of crapitalism that monetizes data acquired through surveillance is subjugating the planet. A chilling exposé of business models underpinning the digital world.


The problem isn't the problem


Our playground for discovery and programming: What the combination of search engine and machine learning tools can do to support beyond the usual ...

Shooting for the moon


Network protocols: TCP/IP, SDH, SONET, Ethernet; Smartcard: ISO 7816, PC/SC, OCF

Computer languages: Hex, assembly, Ada, C, C++, Lisp and Prolog; Gettting started with Python

Databases: Oracle, CSP

Formal education

Reinica: MSc Major: Structural geology; Minor: Computer science

Nina: Engineer applied mathematics; MSc: Information technology